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Alter Polus is quite positive that humanity's common sense will always outdo the educated's uncommon nonsense, and works to extol the former at the expense of the latter.

Destroying Gay Marriage Arguments

Whenever I read a load of rubbish I feel a strange sense of duty – no doubt grounded in an oversized ego – to speak some sense, as if it might be a balm, or a counterbalance to bring the internet … Continue reading

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Confederate Flag Placed on MLK’s Assasination Site!

Historical analogy is never perfect, but can help make some sense out of this wrong. Continue reading

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How To Be An Atheist

Etymologically speaking, A holiday is a holy day, which leads me to understand why the godless are so grumpy – they’ve never had one. But, then again, for a breed so bent on denying that religion has brought any good … Continue reading

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People Are Wonderful

We are either supernatural or inexplicably stupid. Choose one, but be forewarned, the latter makes it difficult to hold a strong position in a debate. Continue reading

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Having Sex To Win

The key then, for those opposed to population control, is to procreate like mad-men. Or very, very sane men, for that matter. Continue reading

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The Fantastic Failure of Feminism

Recently, and on more than one occasion, women paraded topless through city streets , so as to protest a hideously unequal treatment society deals out: that it is sometimes appropriate for a man to be shirtless, but never appropriate for women to follow … Continue reading

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The Insanity of Matrimony

The fact that marriage is indeed an ancient institution only further glorifies it. It is only in moments of insane passion that man creates sane institutions. Continue reading

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